Top 5 Best Wrist Watch Brands for Women which They Love

Wrist watches are one the most simple and good looking accessories for girls as it also enhances the beauty of their hands. Watches these days are not only used for the utility of seeing the time but also used as jewelry. There are various brands in the market which offer watches for women with different patterns, colors, and designs. Below here are the 5 best watch brands that every girl loves to wear and flaunt.


Gucci is one of the most famous and valuable brands across the globe. It is an Italian brand, famous for its fashion and leather goods. However, Gucci watches are widely known for their modern style and unique designs. Although most of the watches by the brand fall into the luxury segment and cost a fortune, but they look gorgeous and would look great on you. They have an amazing collection of watches for women.


Rolex is one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world. It became the first watch brand which came up with dustproof and waterproof features. With its elegance looks and a classy design, one could easily fall in love with the watches from Rolex. The company has carved a niche customer base who usually craves luxury and royal items. Rolex is definitely one of the most sought after watch brand for women.


Fastrack is the fastest growing watch brand in India and probably the best choice for youngsters. It’s mainly designed and targeted towards young audiences. The company also provides different styles and patterns keeping the youth in mind. The brand is quite affordable as well and thus it so popular among the youth of the country.


Timex is known for its cutting edge patterns and design themes. You will find that most watches for women made available by Timex are uniquely different from the rest of them.It always comes up with different colors and patterns which are suitable for all generations. It never disappoints its customers and also is affordable by most people which are an added advantage. The company also manufactures some great looking watches for men as well.


Burberry is known for its simple designs with elegant looks and styles. At times, it has also been known to manufacture funky designs but its core lies in simplistic styles. It is one of the most valuable brands offering a lot of other products other than watches as well. Girls who love simple watches can opt for the brand. One can carry the brand’s watches on any looks and occasions.

The Last Words

Depending upon your taste and style, you can prefer which brand watch to buy. All these top brands differ in style from one another and are popular in their own right. The prices of the wristband watches depend upon the brand you choose. Although some of them may be a little costly but they are worth the money you put into them.